5 of The Best Programs for First-Time Buyers in Baltimore

Getting the ball rolling with purchasing your first home is both incredibly exciting and stressful. To get you set out on the right path, we’re going to introduce you to 5 of the best programs for first-time buyers in Baltimore: FHA LOANS Let’s start with one of the more common types of first-time homebuyer lending: … Continued

5 Things You Can Do If Your Baltimore House Appraises Low

There are few things discouraging when selling your home than receiving a low appraisal. To help you overcome this possible obstacle, we have 5 things you can do if your Baltimore house appraises low. REVIEW AND SCRUTINIZE The first step when your house appraises low is to ask for a copy of the appraisal and … Continued

5 Signs You Are Working With A Bad Real Estate Agent In Baltimore

You’ve searched long and hard for the best real estate agent in Baltimore, but there’s just something about the one you’ve chosen that doesn’t sit right with you. How can you tell if you’ve selected a bad real estate agent? Here are 5 signs you’re working with a bad real estate agent in Baltimore: LACKING COMMUNICATION Your … Continued

Real Estate Scams Baltimore Homeowners Should Be Aware Of

When buying and selling a home, looking out for real estate scams is often last on many people’s list. They’re more worried about making sure the price is right, things go smoothly, and the whole process gets done quickly. However, scams do happen, and all homeowners need to be aware of them to protect themselves. Here are … Continued