How does Howard County Redistricting Affect Homebuyers?

How does Howard County Redistricting Affect Homebuyers?

Howard County is currently in the process of trying to redistrict school zones to help combat school overcrowding and address the inequities in the distribution of students affected by poverty and establish a road map for the eventual opening of a new High school, making the grand total of public High Schools in Howard County 13. In order to fully understand how Howard County Redistricting affect homebuyers you have to understand the timeline of events, what impacts it will have on your ability to purchase a home in Howard County.

Howard County Redistricting

How does Howard County Redistricting Affect Homebuyers: The Timeline of Events

January 2019 – On January 24th, the Howard County Board of Education unanimously approved a measure to begin a comprehensive redistricting process for all grade levels across the school system. The motion was passed in order to address the countywide student enrollment.

June  2019 –  On June 13th, the Howard County public school system released its study which provided a 10-year student enrollment projection for Howard County public schools. In this report, it showed an increase in enrollment, by adding 6,700 new students over the next decade. When the study was published it officially kicked off the Howard Count redistricting process for schools.

July 2019 – During the month of July 4 community input sessions were so that residents could provide feedback to the superintendent about the redistricting process.

August 2019 – A few short weeks before the release of the redistricting plan, three Howard County Council members called on the school system to develop a plan that would desegregate its schools. Council Chairwoman Christiana Mercery Ribgy called on the school system to balance the student capacity in all schools, as well as balance out students who participate in the free and reduced-price meals programs to help improve the educational outcome.

In the end, the plan to redistrict the Howard County Public school system would affect more than 7,000 students throughout the county. A majority of parents who live in Howard County and even students are against the proposed plan. So the question becomes, how does Howard County Redistricting affect homebuyers?

How does Howard County Redistricting Affect Homebuyers?

Right now if you buy a home within Howard County and are planning on sending your children to public school there is no guarantee that the school you originally purchased your home within, will end up being the school you send your children to. When looking at homes within Howard County it is important that prospective families know about this, and plan accordingly. Speak with your real estate agent about this issue to see if the home you are looking to purchase in will be impacted by this decision. If you have any questions please feel free to contact a Blue Star Real Estate Agent to speak about the issue.

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